Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's getting warm!

Hello from Debrecen!

Yesterday was a holiday, so everything was closed, so today is our p-day!

This week was great! A highlight was President Smith coming to Debrecen to see the members here one last time before he and Sister Smith leave in July.

To see a picture of the Smith's, you can go here:  http://hungarymission.org/about-smiths

 He also came to a baptism of an investigator that has been meeting with the Sisters the day before. He was able to give several members first time temple recommend interviews, which was awesome for these members, who can now go to the temple. The closest temples are in Germany and Ukraine, so going to the temple is usually a really big sacrifice for a lot of Hungarians. 

Freiberg Germany Temple (image from lds.org)
Kyiv Ukraine Temple (image from lds.org)
A member who was baptized about six months ago in Debrecen recently came back from the UK this week to spend some time at home before he heads off to Norway (or Sweden?). He is an international chef, and a really cool guy. 

Two members in here are also about to go on missions. Szilvia, one member, just got her call to Canada, and Dori just had her final interview with the mission president. We are really excited for them!!

Transfers are coming up!!! I am pretty sure that I am staying here in Debrecen, but there is a possibility that I may be transferred... transfers are always a suprise! Lucky us, the weather has been great, but a couple days it has been too hot to be outside! These are the days the we tract the ten stories. I really like tracting, because we are guaranteed an opportunity to talk about the gospel with someone, if only for a couple of seconds. 

Sok szeretettel!
Bunker Elder

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