Monday, May 4, 2015

Pig's feet and tail

This morning for P-day we went to Hortobagy! (This is a national Park in Hungary)


We went there, and looked at different whips, and then Elder Ady and a member here, both got whips. My companion and I  then went to a field and went whipping. I am starting to be able to whip with two whips at once.

This week we visited some less active members out in some smaller towns with the Broadheads, the senior couple here. One guy we visited was really happy. He didn't come to church for very long after he was baptized, because he lived a long distance out and his wife doesn't really like the church, but he still read the Book of Mormon and he liked the Liahona that we gave him. We shared a story from the Liahona with him and then talked about following the Holy Ghost, and then before we left we gave him a blessing. Another guy we visited lived in a little house on a dirt road in the outskirts of another falu. He had an accident a couple of months ago that has made it harder for him to come to church, but we saw him last Sunday, which was awesome.

Another man who we've been visiting came to church with his family on Sunday! It was fast and testimony meeting, and it was really great, and the Primary also sang a couple of songs for Mother's day -- (Mother's day was last Sunday here).

We also went to another smaller town to look up another less active member. The door was answered by her dad. We asked if she was home, and then she came to the door and talked to us for a little bit. It turns out that she actually lives in Debrecen and that she was just visiting her family at her family's place, which is the address that is on the records, right when we came to look her up! She said that we would be able to meet with her later!!

I forgot to tell you all that I had pig's feet! And tail! It was at a member's house in Veszprém. It tasted just like normal meat, as far as it goes, and was cooked in some sort of paprika gravy. It was really tasty. The tail had to be eaten kind of like corn on the cob, and it was tricky getting all the meat off of the feet, though!

Image result for hungarian pigs feet

Image result for hungarian pigs tail

We still have a really small pool of investigators! Finding people is especially hard, because most people that we've talked to have already seen us around here or there, and don't really want to meet. But we have been trying to come up with new ways to get people interested! One day we sat outside that branch house for a couple of hours singings hymns to the ukulele. We have also tracted a TON.

Have a great week, everyone!!
Bunker Elder

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