Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello everybody!!

The highlight of this week was MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!! It was so awesome to talk to my family!!! 

Church was great yesterday! Another less active member that we have been meeting with came to church! It was nice to see him and talk with him!

The weather is sooooo nice here right now! And all the flowers are in bloom, too! There are these fields of little yellow flowers that look really cool! I am going to have to try to get a picture of them some time!

We have recently been holding English class on Saturdays as well as Thursdays. Of course, it was a bit slow at first, but lucky for us three people came this last Saturday, so we actually were able to have English class.

We have also been meeting with this lady in the branch here who is in a wheelchair and can't use her hands. (I don't know if I have already mentioned her). She make paintings by painting with the paintbrush in her mouth! It is super cool!

I hope everyone has a greaaaat week!!!
Bunker Elder

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