Friday, November 21, 2014

Singing for Sister Wixom!


So we were able to play our musical number! It was for relief society, and the speaker was the General Primary President, Rosemary M. Wixom, so that was really cool! We then did the number again for our branch sacrament meeting, so everyone in our zone could hear it. 

We got 10 new Huns yesterday! It's crazy because usually In our zone there aren't two groups of missionaries going to the same country here at the same time, like, ever. I haven't really met any of them yet, but they seem pretty cool. They consist of 6 Elderek and 4 Nővérek.

So on the first day at the MTC you do an activity called "People and my Purpose" or some similar name. Basically all the new missionaries are in different rooms and meet investigators and see a couple of minutes of them being taught by missionaries and then all the new missionaries take over the lesson. Our district had the opportunity to be the official missionaries, so that was pretty fun! 

We are leaving on Monday!!!! It's already here! We'll be flying Salt Lake City to Chicago to London to Budapest! We report to the travel office at the MTC at 6:00 a.m., and we're mostly packed. 

This week in class we finally learned about formalization. Lucky us we won't have to use it that much! It's only used to people over 40 that you don't know or most people over 70 that you do know but don't go to your church. If you use it any other way, it's flirting. 

Bunker Elder

Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Merry Christmas MTC Pictures!

so today (p-day) was the first *real* snow, so we felt obliged to take a couple of pics to celebrate...

Here is our official Christmas picture...


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hey all!!!!!

Here's an update on my everyday mission lifeeee:

So for several weeks we have been teaching two practice "investigators" twice a week for about two weeks: Eszter and Evilin. We have finally committed them both to baptism, though we have a consensus that they are going easy on us ;). We are also teaching a practice less active member named János.

On Tuesday, our district had our first practice with door approaches. We couldn't come into the classroom until we had three successful door approaches and were let in for a short lesson.

This morning Jeppsen Nővér and I tried out with a musical number (I was her accompanist) and we made it to the "yes list," which meant we will be able to perform as soon as she can fit us in. The song is a really cool arrangement of "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" that Sister Jeppsen found before her mission. The lady who tried us out was the MTC president's wife, and her musical knowledge and stuff blew us away. We're excited to perform it if they can fit us in, which we hope they do!

Bunker Elder

sziastok! do you like the christmas tree in the background???!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Hun's are leaving in 3 weeks!


This week has been pretty great! We had our first Skype lesson with a Hungarian member, so that was pretty exciting. The manager person who gets the contacts all set up didn't think he would have enough people until last minute, and he only gave the other Hungarian district like a five minute notice before their lesson! We went after them, though. But for some reason, the other people doing Skype apparently thought they were only doing a lesson with the other district, and didn't know we were coming later, and only one lady stayed on. To be more convenient, after the sisters taught her, us elders gave her a lesson as a foursome. It was really hard, since we didn't know how to give each other cues to say things, because we are all used to just teaching in companionships. But it was a good lesson -- we talked about faith,  and different things that we can do to grow our faith. 

Six new Estonians arrived in our zone yesterday, four sisters and two elders. I haven't met them yet, but they seem really nice. It has been really fun getting to know the new Fins and Albs. 

The Huns are leaving in 3 weeks! Then we will be in the real world. It's kind of hard to comprehend! When we first got here, the Estonians had about three weeks left before they left to Estonia. It's crazy to think that we're in the same position.

I've got a calling! I'm music coordinator for my branch. I pick out all the hymns on Sunday, and I coordinate who will be the pianist and chorister for different meetings. We all sing in the languages that we are learning, so there are only about 30 hymns that are in all four languages (Estonian, Finnish, Albanian, and Hungarian) but all of those hymns are pretty well known.

Bunker Elder

P.S. when I refer to people like "the Fins" I am talking about the people who are going to Finland, same with the Huns, the Albs, and the Estonians (they really don't have a cool name). Just in case you were wondering!