Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Golden Bull

Hello everyone! Great week this week!
So we have a new investigator. He was born in the Translyvania part of Romania, which is Hungarian speaking -- fun fact!! He lives a little outside of Debrecen. The background story is he visited Salt Lake City once, and he loved temple square and church and everything. So he came to the church building a couple of times, but no one was there. Then he came the other day. The other elders were translating for another meeting, and we were at home eating lunch. Elder Ady called us saying that there is someone who wanted to meet, so we came right over. We had a great introductory program with him. He is a singer, and he really loves the church. He says that he wants to be baptized, which is amazing, and that he wants to be an active member. We then called him up on Saturday, and he came to church, and to all 3 hours on his first time, too!
For P-day today we have lots of things planned, but I don't know how much it will accomplish! We split our emailing into two, so that Flake Elder could email a question home and get a response later today. We are also going to go whipping. Elder Flake has two Hungarian whips. You can go into a field and spin them around your head and then if you extend your arm with the right timing the whip makes a sound like a gunshot. No kidding! I am getting pretty good at it! There is a place within a p-day's drive from here called Hortobagy. There, it is possible to buy Hungarian whips. Maybe we will go and get one in a couple of weeks!
This past couple of days, a ward member who is actually a student from Taiwan, had a video game buddy from Germany over to visit. Today we all had lunch with them at the Golden Bull, an all you can eat here for a very great price!!!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!
Bunker Elder

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