Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I heard through the grapevine....

Hello everybody!!!!! So excited to be here in Győr with Kellogg Elder! He is a really great guy that really likes to work! I served around him already for two months in Veszprém, so that was great!!!!

There is going to be a mini transfer in about five weeks, because one of the groups will be finishing up at a time not consistent with all the transfers. I heard it through the grapevine that that a lot of crazy things could happen that transfer, mainly because of the areas that all those missionaries are serving in!

Győr is a really pretty city full of pretty buildings. 
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There is also a ward here, which is pretty significant since I am pretty sure that there are only like five of those in Hungary. The others are in Buda, Pest, Kispest, and Kecskemét. So good times!!!!

Also, I met a member here that knew Elder Boody when he served here!!! I love you all! Good luck with everything!!

Bunker Elder

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