Friday, June 12, 2015

Erdei Gyümölcs Joghurt

Its me again!

Today, since we are pretty busy, we split our email session in two, since we had a little bit of time in the morning before we had lunch with the other elders and we have a little bit of time now after meeting with some members at the branch house.

As I said, Győr is a fantastic city. There is an ice cream place at every corner. Unfortunately for me, ice cream here is really cheap, and it's super easy to get a cone with loose change like everyyy dayyy. The best flavor I've had here is this Erdei Gyümölcs Joghurt , or forest fruit yoghurt. Unfortunately, I haven't had chocolate here as good as the chocolate in Debrecen.

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There are some really cool members here. There are two guys who are twins but look nothing alike. One is smaller and has dark hair and one is tall and blonde. They are both filling out their mission papers right now and have several older siblings that have also served missions. There is also a member here, who is taking the temple prep class to go to the temple for the first time. Also another member has served a lot of mini-missions for the church here in Hungary. I'm super excited to get to know the other members here better.

Right now my district consists of Elder Whiting and Elder Meek, the zone leaders, Sister Martinaeu, and her greenie, Sister Adams, as well as me and Elder Kellogg. Me and Elder Kellogg are the only ones not from Utah (Iowa and Arizona). 

So hopefully we can get the work here up and running! We are meeting with several investigators, though so far I have only had a program with one of them. She is a Buddhist, who lived in New York City for at least ten years. She is a really cool person. Apparently, she has been taught a lot about the gospel. We had a great program with her and talked about prayer and the importance of it. 

I love you all a ton!
Sok szeretettel
Bunker Elder

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