Monday, June 15, 2015

Győr is such a pretty city!

Hello everybody!!!!!!

Győr is such a pretty city! There are a couple rivers that converge here, and you can see rowing teams throughout the day going up and down the river. Sometimes there are two boats going pretty close to each other!

An investigator of ours is starting to really progress! I already mentioned her, she has been praying and reading the scriptures that we have given to her. 

We also have several potential investigators who are interested in meeting with us about the church from English Class. So that's super exciting!!! I can't wait for when their schedules work out so that we can meet with them!!!!!

I continue to like the erdei gyümölcs joghurt ice creamm!!!!!!!! And everything else!!! I'm so greatful to be here with an awesome companion and with an awesome ward also! 

Love yall tons!
Bunker Elder


  1. Any new letter from this great missionary? Long time no new letter.

    1. Thanks for reading! They should all be caught up by the end of the week!