Monday, March 2, 2015

A "feel good" offer from Asia

This week was great, as usual! 

News this week, we had 28 and a half finding hours, which is a new personal/companionship record! On Tuesday, we tracted for 8 hours straight, and didn't get a single let in :( but the next day we did meet several new people on the street and got their phone numbers, which was good! 

We were tabeling on Wednesday, and this guy came up to me, and started talking -- I had seen him around the area where we table before. He started talking to me about the weather, and about how cold it was, and then asked what we do when we get sick. I was like, well, if we get really sick we go to the hospital, and we probably stay at home and eat healthy foods for a little bit while we get better. He then said that he knew of this substance that he could get for us if we ever needed to "feel good," and that they use it a lot in Asia and stuff. I had been talking that whole time with a drug dealer!!!! I then said something like "well I'll keep that in mind, have a nice day" and kind of just walked off and handed fliers to the other people on the street. It is written all over Preach My Gospel that we should always be building trust and relationships with other people. I think I am justified in exercising some personal discretion and avoiding a relationship with this particular person!

On the bright side, our  investigator, has said that she wants to be baptized. Of course, she has been progressing towards baptism all along, and she has known that, but this was an official "Yes, I want to be baptized." She has been keeping all the commandments that we have been presenting to her, but every time we bring baptism up she comes up with some new excuse. However, this week, we had a really good lesson on blessings we have in our lives when we commit to live the gospel. We then challenged her with a baptismal date. The biggest obstacle that she still perceives is the time commitment that comes with being a member. The said that when she would be baptized, she would have to attend so many church programs and this and that and she doesn't have time for that. This went right along with the lesson! :) We said that as we give time to the Lord, he blesses us in return, and that really the most important thing that she had to attend was sacrament meeting, and that she is already living her life in accordance with the standards of the church. She has been doing amazing with Book of Mormon reading! When I first came to this area, every week she usually read about a page or two. Then Dellenbach Elder and I really decided to focus on The Book of Mormon and stories from it, and for a couple lessons we shared stories like Samuel the Lamanite and the Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah being visited by the angel and then becoming amazing missionaries. She then started reading more and more, up to about ten chapters a week. This last week she read about 30 chapters from the Book of Mormon. 

Our other investigator, finished the Book of Mormon and then read the entire Gospel Principles book. She has started on talks from General Conference, and has given a copy of the Book of Mormon to her sister. She was sick, so she wasn't able to come to church on Sunday, but we called her and she said that she fasted anyways because she read about fasting in Gospel Principles -- we haven't even covered that with her yet! Our other investigator, asked where she was at church and then called her to make sure that she was doing all right -- such a great example. I like that one talk from General Conference, from Elder Wu, I think. It was the one delivered in Cantonese - about how we need to always be helping and reaching out to people that need help, and that are maybe less active or can't come to church -- and how it was the combined faith of everyone that healed the man afflicted with palsy, and that our combined faith can really help people that need our help that are afflicted with "spiritual palsy."

Have a great week!
Szép napot!!
Bunker Elder

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