Monday, February 23, 2015

Sok mindent happened this week

Sok mindent happened this week. So it all started out at a normal district meeting at the branch house. We were talking about ways to find more people to teach, as we often do, and Höferl Elder mentioned that we could have sort of like an open house night where the members and us could give presentations to anyone interested in finding out more about the "teachings of the Mormons." We scheduled a time, talked with the ward council and mission president, and so far this idea has been well received. I also made a flier for us to hand out to everyone with all the necessary information. I think that I'll attach the flier to the email, since I've been having trouble getting pictures on email, and then you will also have some sort of visual link to my missionary work ;). It will be official when the mission president clears it through the are presidency, which shouldn't be a problem, and then we will mass produce and distribute the flier throughout Veszprém and maybe even the neighboring towns and villages. Planning for this was basically the highlight of the week, since it took so much phone calls and, well, planning. 

here is what the flier looks like! We kept it simple so we could just black-and-white photocopy it relatively inexpensively.

Here's the translation:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints
  • We believe in the Bible, a testimony of Jesus Christ
  • We believe in the Book of Mormon, another testimony of Jesus Christ
  • We believe in the eternal family
  • We believe in faith
  • We believe in prayer
  • We believe in Jesus Christ
Come meet us at our new building:
  • 3 Aulich Lajos Street
  • March 20, 5:30-8:00
Free presentations from Hungarian members and missionaries teaching about our beliefs.

Hopefully it will be successful! 

We put on basic beliefs and other information on our flier that targeted ideas people have about our church in an effort to make them more curious and interested. 

We put on that we believe in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon to target the incorrect idea that people have that we think the Book of Mormon replaces the Bible. 

We emphasized that Hungarian members will be there, because many people walk up to us and say "don't you know that there are no Hungarian Mormons?" We are hoping that this group of people would be interested in meeting Hungarian members and seeing with their own eyes who attends our church. Also, many people think our church is strictly American, and that we hold meetings and other things in English, so we are hoping that this information would make people more comfortable in coming to talk to us, knowing that there would be fellow native speakers there.

In the center of the flier we put on "We believe in Jesus Christ." Of course, this is the most important information, and we are hoping to draw in the people who want an opportunity for their faith to grow - We have actually talked to quite a few people like this in Veszprém that are interested in our church, but are "too busy" to regularly meet with us. Hopefully this would interest these people in providing a no-strings-attached opportunity to get acquainted with the Mormons!

This week we met with a lady from China. She spoke English, but not a word of Hungarian, so that was easy for me! It was Chinese new year so she fed us dumplings and cabbage.

From random google search

 It was delicious! She is an interim here at the university of Pannonia teaching Chinese language and culture. 

I don't know if I already mentioned it, but we are teaching this family right now. They are really cool, and they know a couple of members here, which is always a plus. 

I swear my bag gets heavier and heavier every time we go shopping! This week I bought four liters of milk and four liters of juice, as well as lots of fruits, and a couple of vegetables, too, as well as flour, sugar, etc. but that stuff is not important! Just the fruit and the juice and the milk!    :)

Until next time!!!
Bunker Elder

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