Sunday, March 29, 2015

Néni and Bácsi

This week, of course was awesome!

We tracted into this one lady a couple of weeks ago. She said that her friend had a Book of Mormon and that she had read out of it and wanted a copy. We didn't get her phone number, so we couldn't call her to set up a return appointment, so we looked her up and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was very happy with the Book of Mormon, and wouldn't let us leave until we each had an apple and some Easter chocolate and a small jar of homemade peach jam for our companionship. Such a sweet lady.

By the way, short explanation: Nagynéni and Nagybácsi mean aunt and uncle, while Néni (nay-nee) and Bácsi (baa-chee) are nicknames for older men and women, usually in the retired stage of their life. They usually pair it with a nickname. So Gizella would be called Gizi néni, Erzsébet would be called Erzsi néni, Zoltan would be called Zoli bácsi, Pál would be Páli bácsi, Agnes would be Agi néni, the list goes on. In the olden days all childrens' names had to be selected from a list of official Hungarian names, so there are many many many older people named Janos, Karoly, Atilla, Sandor, and Csaba (men), and Zsuzsa, Erzsébet, Judith, Agnes and Eszter (women).

We went to Szekesfehérvár for Zone Training. Since our zone is fairly spread out, this time zone training was split into two. The missionaries from Veszprém, Szekesfehérvár, and Dunaújváros met on Wednesday, and then the next day the districts from Kaposvar and Pécs met. After the training, we went and had ice cream. It was really big for a good price.

This week should be pretty busy! We are having our Nyílt Nap (open house) on Friday, and we have been busy getting everything ready for that. We will then be having our baptism on Saturday which should be awesome!!! Hopefully everything will work out ok!

Since the weather is warm enough, on Saturdays we have switched from Játék Est (Game night) to Sport Nap (sport day). We played basketball and frisbee and soccer with some members and investigators. It was fun.

This morning when we were shopping I got the ingredients for pavlova, my favorite dessert. (Eggs, cream, sugar, fruit :)  ) I've made it a couple times at home, and I've always had it every year on my birthday, so I don't have the exact recipe, but it's pretty simple so I think I'll be able to figure it out. My goal will be to NOT beat the cream or the egg whites for too long. I always tend to do that.

Transfers are on April first. Hopefully it'll be more like April fools and I won't be transferred.

That's that!
Have a great week everybody!
Bunker Elder

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