Monday, February 2, 2015

Visit to the Balaton

Hey all,

So we have had all sorts of weather here. Right now there is snow on the ground outside. But this week we have had cold, warm, snow, sleet, rain, and everything in between. Except for anything like summer...

So we went to the Balaton this morning for pday! - finally- and it was really pretty. But there really wasn't much to do except for take pictures and look at the water. We took a bus to Balatonfüred, a smaller city about twenty five minutes from here by bus, and just walked until we ran into the Balaton.

Image from a Google search of Balatonfüred

Image from a google search

 It wasn't that hard-- the Balaton is much bigger than Balatonfüred. We could see the Tihany peninsula in the distance-- it looked really cool.

Tihany peninsula from random google image search

After that we came back to Veszprém and went to this little kebab place and got kebabs. Here kebab doesn't mean food on a stick, in means like food in a pocket of bread, and it was like a Gyros but with different meat and vegetables and sauce.

I have started to really appreciate fresh garlic in cooking. It makes everything savory taste better! Speaking of food, Dellenbach Elder and I made palacsintas again last night.

Image from random search for palacsintas

They were good, but they weren't enough to fill either of us up. So we both kept on cooking and eating till we were full. There were a lot of dishes to wash afterwards.

By the way, pass along cards really work! A lady called us this week and said she got a Book of Mormon pass along card. She said that she would like to meet with us and get a copy. We met with her in front of the neighborhood Spar, and gave her a copy, and she was very happy, and we set up a time to meet with her again.

Interviews with the mission president are coming up, and he sent out an email reminding us to bring our planners and study journals. I've been doing really good with my planner, but I didn't know that I was supposed to be keeping a regular study journal   :O     I guess now is a better time to start than ever. Of course I have been doing great studies and marking my scriptures and stuff, but I don't have a cute little notebook set aside as of yet to right notes and stuff in. I usually just study for the lessons and stuff we are having that day and right down a couple of useful scriptures in my planner or something.

We didn't run the last couple of days, because the ice, but we should be able to start again tomorrow, since it is all mostly melted.

We were tabeling on the street, and this one guy came up to me and asked how much would it be to buy a Book of Mormon.  There was this lady walking past us, and when she heard me tell him that the Book of Mormon was free she was so surprised she just stopped walking and almost tripped. But then she came to and started walking again.

The Book of Mormon
Click on the link below if you would like to order your own free copy of the Book of Mormon!

Bunker Elder

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