Monday, February 16, 2015

A new way to eat Langos

Hello All!!!

This week was very busy. On Tuesday we went up to Budapest for interviews with the mission president. Those went well! :) It's always fun to go up to Budapest and to try to get around -- lucky for me my companion, Dellenbach Elder, served in Buda once, and he knows his way around! The train station that usually connects to Veszprém, Déli, was under construction or something, which was too bad because it is walking distance from the mission home place. So we got off at a different train station (forgot its name!!) and got to our destination using the subway and the tram. It was pretty fun -- I hope I get to serve in Budapest some time- I'm pretty sure most missionaries do, at one time or another, serve there, since there are quite a few missionaries there. I always think it's funny when I think about how literally about half of the nation's population lives in that city. 

On Wednesday we had Zone training at Dunaújváros, which was greeeaaat. The training was focused on communicating with investigators and focusing on using the Spirit in teaching the message. Then we stormed the local McDonald's. Fast food is reealllly expensive here, but it tastes as good as ever. However, it is usually a better use of your money to order a pizza!

So I've figured out a new way to eat langos! I made two scone things, and then made a burger from some ground meat I bought mixed with some onions and garlic, and topped it with the sour cream and shredded cheese and also some fresh pieces of pepper, using the scone things for buns. I called it a langos burger. It was really good. 

We had another program with our investigator who is almost done with the Book of Mormon. I think that by now she is probably done with the Book of Mormon. We are going to start talking about commandments this week. Super excited, she seems to be doing very well and has made friends with several of the members, which is one of the most important things an investigator can do. We are thinking that maybe we can even move her baptismal date up a little bit if she is ready. We are really hoping that the baptism goes well, and we are also hoping that we will be able to invite some other of our investigators to the baptism so that they can feel the spirit and see someone else be baptized. If she is baptized, she will be the first baptism in the new Branch House here in Veszprém that was built about six months ago. 

I am always surprised about how many fliers and pass along cards we manage to hand out. Today we went to the photocopy place and photocopied 500 of the original sheet, which can be cut into 8 fliers, so in all, we got 4000 fliers. Depending on how much we street and table, we may hand out all of them in the next two weeks. This morning for p-day we walked around Veszprém castle, which is always pretty. 

Guess what I saw this morning when shopping?? Fresh strawberries!!! I don't know if they're in season or not (I thought that they weren't), but hey, a strawberry is a strawberry. So I got some strawberries.    :)       And then I ate them, because everyone here talks about how fast berries go bad. 

Bunker Elder

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