Monday, November 2, 2015

Minden Szentek Napja

So, we had an amazing week this week! The highlight was probably the Halloween party! We worked in the cellar of the church, and made a graveyard. One of the activities at the party was where everyone split up into groups and each group went down and had to find all the paper maché bones to get out of the cellar. While the groups of people were downstairs, we had lots of Halloweeny games put together that were really fun for everyone! The biggest success was all the people that came -- not only did a lot of branch members come, but a lot of them brought their friends! There were 5 less active members there and 6 investigators there total, which in our eyes was a big success! 

October 31 and November 1 are Minden Szentek Napja in Hungary, or all-saints day. We went to the big cemetery here in Szolnok (it is a HUGE cemetery) three times this week. Once was with an older investigator of ours who wanted help getting to the cemetery, and when we were there we helped clean the grave and put flowers on it. We also went with our branch mission leader and his wife and mother-in-law and went to all the graves of their relatives and put on candles and flowers on all those graves. Finally, we went as a missionary district and put on candles graves we found without any. It was a really cool sight at night, seeing all of the graves going on forever all lit up with candles!
Image from Mindenszentek | varkapu.infovarkapu.info675 × 375Search by imageKék hírek Közbiztonsági javaslatok Halottak Napja és Mindenszentek alkalmával

I hope that everyone has a great week --
Szép November Kívánok!!!
Bunker Elder

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