Sunday, November 1, 2015

Boldog Halloweent Kívánok!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday at church was really great! There were over 30 people, which is quite a few more than usual, we usually average in the low 20s, and it was amazing to see everyone! Most of the active members are just couples or single here in Szolnok. I've been here in Szolnok for awhile, so I was able to say hi to everyone and talk with them.
We also went to Cibakháza again on Friday to meet with all the members there. This was Chamber Elders first time going. There are just two families there but they both feed us so much, with such delicious food, that I always skip breakfast when we go there so I have enough room for everything! At the first house we had stuffed cabbage, which was delicious, and at the second we had húsleves, a Hungarian soup with vegetables and noodles, and then pörkölt with nokedli, which was also delicious! On the bus ride back we rode with one of them, who was going to visit with some members who actually live right across the street from us!
We also have been helping to plan the Halloween party with some of the members, so we can help with some of our American Halloween expertise!
Along with the music night we are also going to do a clothes drive with the branch -- there are tons of old clothes in the branch house from an old branch drive, and we have a ton of old missionary clothes in our apartment and the sisters' apartment that we can use. We're hoping it will be a great oppurtunity to also invite less-active members and investigators to help us sort through the clothes.
Also, the sisters got a third member for their companionship last week! Csolity Nővér came from Debrecen to start her mission. I knew her when I served in Debrecen, she is a member from there, and she is now going to the Mesa Arizona mission, but she is waiting for her visa to go to the United states, so she joined the sisters as Sister Whittaker's second zöldi (greenie)!
Boldog Halloweent Kívánok!
Bunker Elder

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