Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday is P-Day!

Sooooooo my pday is on Thursday, but all the new missionaries' first Wednesday and Thursday are use for orientation and special classes and stuff, so it was bad luck that Thursday is when my p-day is, since that means I have the longest possible wait time before I can do my first e-mail home, lolol. BTW, the world "elder" is still "elder" in Hungarian, but since this language is so backwards, I'm called "Bunker Elder." It says so on my name tag. This language is crazy because, so far, we have learned 24 possible ways to conjugate each verb, and that's just for present tense. and a bunch of other stuff like that. 

Put my e-mail on facebook, so if anyone wants to access it they can. Do something like "If anyone wants to contact Bunker Elder use"

Bunker Elder

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