Sunday, October 26, 2014

Laundry Room and Chalkboards


So since lots of people have been leaving, my the people from my district were like the only people that help put away the gym, along with the staff that does it every week. So that took awhile, but it was kinda fun. But when we got to the last part, folding and putting away the 600 pound mat, we had to go recruit more people, because you need at least 30 people to put it away. So off we went, out to do our first "street contacts" ;). Before we could really get anywhere, though, we got word that we had enough people..... 

Christmas lights are starting to pop up everywhere. We don't think we'll see them on, though, because we haven't seen them on yet and we are leaving, at the latest, the day before Thanksgiving. *sigh* 

We got to Thursday, and I realized I hadn't taken many pictures, so my companion and I put on sweaters over out T-shirts and went outside for a photoshoot lol. I hope you like them!

The only normal picture


hehehe i don't know what I was trying to do there

So we didn't make this up, this is literally what one of our teachers turns the chalkboard into every day.


Just realized the date on my photos if off by literally like hundreds and hundreds of days
And laundry room bc idk, k? 

Bunker Elder

I will try to have more legitimate photos next week.

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