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July 7, 2015

Hello all!!

So biggest news right now is that I'm getting transferred... again!!! Actually, with a lot of crazy and unexpected things are happening to a lot of people across the mission this transfer. For those of you who are wondering, I am going to Szolnok, a city in the Southeast Zone. 

Actually, it is pretty crazy that I am going to my fourth zone with my fourth area. So many missionaries spend a large part of their missions in one general area. My old companion, Elder Flake, spent most of his time in the two outlining districts, while I've also heard of people spending lots of time in the stake. Some people have spent most of their mission around Budapest, and some vice versa. And there have been so many missionaries that spend so much of their missions in the West Zone, which is a relatively bigger zone, that it has garnered itself the name "Curse of the West." The Curse of the West is reaaalll!!!! I have been fortunate enough to see alllll overrr the country. I've been 'fairly' close to Budapest, like in Veszprém, way far, like in Debrecen, and now I am going to Szolnok.

Also, my new companion will be.... Elder Haroldsen, my MTC companion!!! I am super excited to be able to serve with him!!! We should get some great things done this transfer! 

I have a new favorite flavor of ice cream ... Bodza. It's like elderberry flower flavored I think... soooo good. But the only place that sells it only has it like a third of the time we walk past it. Soooo, that's that. 

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It's going to be sad to leave here, after being here for just a little bit, but hopefully I accomplished what I came here to do!!! I can't wait to serve in Szolnok!

Sok <33el!
Bunker Elder

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