Thursday, July 30, 2015


July 20, 2015


Szolnok has been great!!!

The biggest news that happened this week was church yesterday! This less active family that we have been visiting for a while came! Also, two investigators of ours came! The best part was that the members went up and talked to these people and made them feel included after sacrament meeting was over. Always remember to go up and talk to people at church that you might not recognize!!! 

Actually, church turned out to be a pretty big deal! My companion, Elder Haroldsen gave a talk about prayer, and it was really good!! He talked about prayer, and about why it is important and why we do it, and he shared some really good experiences he has had with prayer. Also the stake president was here, and he gave a talk, too that was really good. And finally, we got a new ward mission leader. He is really cool, and we know that he is really going to help us here in Szolnok!! 

We are going to have zone training next week in Szeged, which I have heard is a really pretty city, so I am excited to go there. 

Also, it is sooooo hot out all the time.... but it feels so nice to have a shower at the end of the day <3. So that's nice!!! But Hungarians aren't a fan of air conditioning. Sometimes they turn it off in the middle of church when we need it the most... apparently if you are sweating, and the cold air from an ac unit hits you, you catch a really bad cold!!! Actually, this is one of many superstitions that most Hungarians have. No one ever sits down outside in the winter, because sitting on a cold bench will apparently make you sterile!!!! 

Have a great week everybody!
Bunker Elder

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