Thursday, April 2, 2015

Six Months!! (Hat Hónap!!)

Hello all! We had a baptism this week!!! Keresztelő means Baptism, in case y'all didn't brush up your Hungarian vocab!! Say hello to the two newest members of the Veszprém branch!!! 

Here's some answers to some questions:

Do they have any special foods or traditions at the baptisms in Hungary, or is it just like here--a talk on baptism, the baptism, a musical number  or discussion, talk on the Holy Ghost and then a welcome to the ward?
Yeah, It's pretty normal. The whole branch showed up, and then some, so the baptismal font area was really full. Also, the süti (treats and tasty baked goods, pronounced like shewty) were brought by everyone, they just kept on bringing out plates when the ones on the table emptied. And everyone just kept on eating. You can count on having a complete dinner at any sort of ward function here in Veszprém.

Also--how did the open house go?
We handed out like about 3500 fliers. It was well prepared, and there was plenty of süti, but no one really came... It was, however, a great chance to get to know the members better, and everyone had fun, so it was technically a success, right?

I guess the other burning question is did you or your companion get transferred?????
Um, we are getting whitewashed! Because of all the missionaries coming and going this transfer, almost every companionship is affected, and both Dellenbach Elder and I are leaving. *sigh*  I am going to Debrecen, with Flake Elder, and Dellenbach Elder is going to be my Zone Leader in Miskolc with Raymond Elder, who was my Zone Leader a when we was in Dunaújváros. There is another set of Elders there and the a set of Sisters and a Senior couple there. 

So, wait, the first companion you get is your trainer,
right? Is your second companion your trainer too? Or are there any
other special types of companionship's besides a trainer? I really
ought to know this, huh?
About trainers: technically, whoever your companion is the first twelve weeks of your mission is your trainer. However, when missionaries talk about their "trainer" they're probably referring to their first companion. After being a greenie you are a junior companion, and you have a senior companion. After that you cosenior. Co-senioring is when you serve with another missionary from your same MTC group. After that you are pretty much a senior companion the rest of your mission. You could be a district leader, a zone leader, a trainer, a sister training leader, or an assistant to the president. There are also two missionaries in Buda who are secretaries. They help the Mission President write emails and crunch numbers and stuff. When you are a zone leader, a sister training leader (which is like a zone leader but a sister, not an elder), or an assistant to the mission president, both missionaries in that companionship fulfill that duty. The sister missionaries that will be in my district in Debrecen are Sister training leaders. I hope that clears things up!


So today we are mainly packing and preparing lots of notes and stuff to help the new elders coming in! Pretty busy!! 

Also big news, just realized I've been on my mission for SIX months!! I'm one fourth done with my mission.

Next time I say Hi to all y'all I'll be on the other side of the country! Thanks for the emails!!!

Have a great Week!
Bunker Elder

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