Monday, April 27, 2015

First Transfer

Hello all!
Soooooo transfers were last week. We are now in Debrecen, which is the second biggest city in Hungary, population 200,000, second to Budapest, which is like population like five million. There are four elders, two sisters, and a senior couple here, so that's exciting, since in my last area there were just like four elders. I've only met a couple members from the Debrecen branch, but they all seem really nice! Last transfer, this companionship was just opened, so we don't really have anyone to meet with yet, and we also have a pretty empty area book -- So we spend lot's of time finding! A long time ago, there were three proselyting companionships here, but one was closed down, and the one I'm in was just opened up again. Five of the six missionaries in this District are new here, the only one remaining from last transfer is my companion!
Elder Flake is awesome!!! We get along really well. This is what we call in the mission his "dying transfer," or in other words, this will be his last transfer in Hungary before he goes home. So we are going to work extra hard to make his dying days in Hungary worth it. Hopefully we can get the work up here! Our goal is two have two baptism dates by the end of the transfer.
So the missionaries here in Debrecen are me, Elder Flake from Arizona, Elder Ady from Canada, Elder Simmons from Virginia, Sister Sellers from Idaho, Sister Geröly (Geh-roy) from Szombathely (soam-baht-hey), Hungary, (I think she is actually the only native missionary in Hungary right now!), and Elder and Sister Broadhead, who are a senior couple here in Hungary who work with Family History hear. The sisters here are Sister Training Leaders, which is really different than in the past, when all the Sister Training Leaders have been just in Buda or Pest.
The belváros, or downtown district, here is dominated by a huge Calvinist cathedral. We get around mostly by using the tram, but there are also buses and apparently trolleys that get you around this city, also. 

Image result for debrecen belváros
Calvinist Cathedral in Debrecen (image from Random Google Search)

The place we are emailing at is at the university library, since all you need to access the computers for free is a library card. This university seems pretty international. Right next to me there is a guy from Iraq talking with a guy from Nigeria.

Image result for debrecen university
Debrecen University (image from random Google Search)

Conference was amazing, of course! We were able to watch the sessions in English. We saw all of the sessions but the Sunday afternoon, which we will receive in the Liahona coming out next month. My favorite talk was the one from Elder Holland about the atonement (Link to Elder Holland's Talk). It was really good! 

Image result for elder holland 2015
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (image from

Sok szeretettel!!
Bunker Elder

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