Monday, January 12, 2015

The Lord Listens to our Prayers!

Hello all!

This week has been pretty awesome! As usual!!

So we don't have snow anymore. It rained, and the snow, like, disappeared. Huh. The weather is a little above freezing, so its still jacket weather. But my companion, Elder Dellenbach, stated that the way things are looking, it might not snow anymore this winter. :(  The best thing about the snow is you can just kind of slide down all the wheelchair ramps in your shoes. The wheelchair ramps don't really serve their function here. Half the time they just pave half a staircase with cement, so its a ramp, technically, but it is just as steep as the staircase, which is way too steep for a wheelchair in my opinion.

So this week we ask two of our investigators if they wanted to be baptized in February. One sister said she wanted to be baptized, but not that soon! and our other investigator said she would be baptized as soon as she gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon. At least we know that when they do get baptized, they will probably be solid members! I heard that while Hungary has one of the lowest baptizing rates, it has a really high retention rate, so that's good!

We tracted in to this lady, the other week, who is now our investigator. We have had two programs with her. We hope it turns into something!

This week we are having zone training, in Duna, I think. I'm not sure if that is the right location, though, because Duna is the name of a river, not a city! Maybe we'll have zone training on a boat (lol). It will be fun to see my friends from my MTC group!

So, since it is winter, the fruit section of the store has been full of tropical things. I've been getting lots of kiwis and mandarin oranges, and also some guavas and pomegranates, and this week I got a Sharon's Fruit. At least thats what the label called it. I thought about Sister Sharon West, from my home ward, when I ate it! That fruit was kind of like a fleshy, sweet cross between a guava and a tomato. I can't wait for the summer, when there are lots places to buy berries.

The other night Elder Dellenbach and I made palacsinták. A palacsinta (sp?) is kind of like a Hungarian cross between a pancake and a crépe (sp?). We made like a raspberry syrup with some frozen raspberries I found at the neighborhood Spar, as well as some whipped cream. Cooking lesson learned: It is not necessary to use the whole container of cream when making whipped cream. Just a cup or a cup and a half will be plenty. I think we made like a gallon and a half of whipped cream. On the bright side, I can eat whipped cream with fruit or whatever whenever I want! We're not going to run out any time soon!

So we have apartment checks this week!!!! I'm kind of nervous, but we have been keeping the apartment pretty clean. I think all we have to do is clean the oven and the microwave, and maybe mop the kitchen floor. So that's good. I hope.

So the new mission president has been called! He is the first native Hungarian mission president, so that is exciting! I think that right now he is the bishop in Pest, but I'm not sure! It will be weird having mission conference and interviews and stuff in maybe Hungarian and not English! His name is József Szabadkai. Super excited!!

So it is a new year, and not the holidays anymore, and people are actually starting to come to English class!!! Yay! On Thursday, with both the classes put together, I would say there was about eight or nine people! There was this one guy that came to English class. He went to kezdő, or beginner. None of us recognized him, but he got a flier that one of us left at his house. He really like the spiritual thought at the end about charity. We are hoping that he turns into an investigator!! The other elders, Beaumont Elder and Höferl Elder, would teach him if he did, but its still really cool.

So miracle that happened: Yes, I am learning Hungarian, and I think that I am coming along just fine, but it is still pretty hard to just, like, talk to people in Hungarian. We were tabeling, and I really wanted to talk to someone in English, because Hungarian just wasn't working that day, so I was like praying and praying like just give me someone who speaks English! This lady came up, and believe it or not, she started speaking English with me! She wanted to know, ironically, about what the church thought about the gift of tongues, and other spiritual gifts. Her favorite scripture was Acts 2. Believe it or not, I had read Acts two that morning!!! We were able to talk about spiritual gifts and stuff, and I shared with her Moroni 10:5 which goes something like "and by the power of the Holy Ghost ye shall know the truth of all things." She took a Visszaállítása (restoration) pamphlet, but didn't want a Book of Mormon, yet! Remember that the Lord is always listening to your prayers!

Bunker Elder

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