Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fireworks on New Year's Eve!

Hello from Hungary!

This week we had transfers (already!!) which was pretty crazy but good. Elder Dellenbach really likes to work, which I am totally fine with!!! Elder Dellenbach's last area was Nyíregyháza, and Elder Cox went to Kecskemét. 

So I am trying my best to get rid of all that chocolate and other stuff I consumed over Christmas week. I have been eating tons and tons of kiwis and oranges, as well as pomegranates and other  fruits and veggies I find at the store. I think right now I prefer that stuff over the chocolate. 

Our investigator has been continuing to come to church and that has been great! During gospel doctrine class she kept on asking all of these questions and writing everything down, which is amazing, because it shows she really wants to learn about the church! We are going to try to set up a specific baptismal date this week, and we are shooting for February 14 ... hopefully it happens!!!!! 

We tracted into this guy yesterday night, and we gave him a Book of Mormon and marked Alma 32 and Moroni 10. He had some interesting opinions about faith and said we could meet with him later and we set up a lesson.

We also just met this family,who are friends with another family here in the Veszprém branch, and seem pretty interested, and the wife seems super excited about the gospel and church. We also have been meeting with some other investigators.

During New Years Eve we heard fireworks all night, and there was a live concert a couple of blocks from our apartment, that we heard, too. We could see a lot of fireworks from our window from all over the city. People take New Years pretty seriously here!!!!!

One day only one person came to English class!!! She was our investigator. We were glad at least someone came!! It seems like the more flyers we hand out, the less people come -- I think we have been averaging about like five hundred flyers a week! At least the photocopying place is really cheap! 

The New Years party at the branch house was really fun! (Don't worry, we got back to our place by 9:30!) There is this couple in the ward, the Kovácsék, and they had all these games that everyone played, and there was a tooooon of food. A couple of investigators came, so we were happy about that! Because of New Years and transfers and prep and everything we officially had 3 p-days this week. We didn't know what to do with all that time.

Also, the buses here in Veszprém have never been the best, but this past week they were awful. One time the bus never showed up, and we had to walk 45 minutes to get home from the branch house. The worst is when a bus is like ten minutes early and just comes by and goes off. On Sunday my companion and I had a meeting at the branch house at 7:45 a.m., and we were walking to the bus stop, about ten minutes before the bus was supposed to come, and we saw the bus come up to the bus stop and leave, and there was nothing we could do about it because we were so far away. So we ran all the way to the branch house. Based on how long it takes to walk there, I think that it is about 3 miles. We got to the meeting on time. Everyone else but one family showed up late, so funny!

Sacrament meeting was great! So many people bore there testimonies, and everyone felt the Spirit so strong. 

So the last snow that happened, the one the day after Christmas, melted a couple of days ago. But, Its snowing again, and this time for real!!! Super excited! We are hoping that next week on p-day we will be able to go to the Balaton, which missionaries are allowed to visit in the winter. Right now it's really snowing hard!!!!!! 

Until next week!
Bunker Elder

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