Monday, February 15, 2016


Hello everyone! I'm in Békéscsaba right now!!! It was sad leaving Szolnok, of course, but I already love Békéscsaba to death! We had a Farsang buli here on Saturday, which was exciting, and a great way to meet with all the members that came! About 33 people were at church on Sunday, including the missionaries, who are me, Egan Elder, Brady Nővér, Grogan Nőver, and the Gouldingék. We had a great little district meeting the first full day of the transfers and made some really good goals for that transfer!!! We are going to be working with some prospective Melchezidek priesthood holders, as there are no active Melchezidek priesthood holders in the Branch right now! We are also going to try to use family history a lot in our missionary work this transfer, as Goulding Elder and Nővér are experts with family history!

When we were tracting, we got a let-in to an older couple who met with the missionaries quite a few years ago when they lived in a different part of town! They invited us back for lunch on Sunday and fed us fish soup and túros tészta (cottage cheese pasta), a real Hungarian meal! We are also going to bring them cookies on Friday this week!

We also had dinneres with the Gouldings and the sisters as well as two members of the ward on Sunday! Ricsi, who is about 17 years old and speaks perfect English and helps a ton with the missionary work, and Sara, who is an American professional volleyball player in Békéscsaba. It was really yummy!

I am also now the first counselor in the branch presidency, and my companion is the ward clerk! So we have a lot of stuff to do on Sunday, too!

Békéscsaba is really pretty! There are also a good number of members in Gyula and Békés, two smaller cities not too far from here! In fact, tonight, we are going to go visit a member in Gyula with Elder Goulding. I've heard that both of those cities are really pretty to, especially Gyula, which has a ton of fountains and a castle, too.

I hope that everybody has a great week!!!
Sok szeretettel!
Bunker Elder

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