Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hello everyone! So we got transfer calls today! Elder Chambers is going to Erd, for a week before his departure date with another Elder from his dying Group, and I am getting his greenie, Elder Haws, that he just trained in Miskolc!!! It's going to be awesome! Sister Withers is staying here and getting Sister Smith, from our mutual greenie city, Veszprém, Sister Csolity is going to Szeged, and Sister Whittaker just finished her mission strong and is going home. So, by the time I leave Szolnok I will have been here for at least 7 months! It's so exciting to be able to serve in a place that I love, and with awesome members and progressing investigators. I've seen the work get better and better since I've gotten here, and hopefully it will keep going up.

Last week was really busy! President Szabakai has interviews with all the missionaries once a transfer now, which is a really good idea, I think, which ended up leading to a really busy Saturday! We went to Kecskemét in the morning, for a baptism, and then after that we traveled to Budapest for interviews, and then we got back home to Szolnok at night!

We also had splits in Szeged, which were great! We were able to enjoy some really good fish soup at this one restaurant that the zone leaders took us to, it was really tasty! It was catfish soup, to be specific, and there was live traditional Hungarian music there, too! Apparently there isn't always music there, so we got lucky!

There is this one guy who comes to church who is technically an investigator and we haven't really ever been able to set up with him ever, but we finally got his name and address last Sunday, and he said that he wants to start meeting with us and seemed pretty excited about it!!!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas season!!!!
Sok szeretettel!
Bunker Elder

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