Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello all megint!

Sooooo, transfers are this week! I'm saying goodbye to Elder Haroldsen :(
But I'm getting a new great elder, Chambers Elder, aaand I'm staying here in Szolnok. :)

General conference was awesome. Unfortunately, there wasn't an English option here in Szolnok, so I took advantage of the great language study! It was unfortunate, because paying attention to Hungarian for long periods of time leaves me really drowzy, so it was a battle against falling asleep the whole time! Speaking of conference, several people asked me what sessions we saw here. Well, the general women's session and the Saturday morning session were available on Saturday, and the priesthood session, Saturday afternoon session, and Sunday morning session were available on Sunday! We didn't have an oppurtunity to see the sunday afternoon session, though :(

Before all of conference, with the extra time we had we walked with the ward mission leader and his wife along the Tisza, because apparently, since the water is so low right now, you can see a couple of boats from the 1800's that were sunk. They were pretty small, and kind of hard to make out through the water, but they were really cool! It took us just enough time to find them and then get to conference on time! 

We also had interviews and cleaning checks this week, both of which went great! I think that our missionary work here in Szolnok is starting to pick up!

Sok szeretettel!
Bunker Elder

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