Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Baptism!

First of all, I got my birthday present!!!! Thanks so much to everyone for the letters!!!!!!!! I love reading all of them!!!!

So, great news, I'm staying in Sopron**!!!! So is Elder Haroldsen!! I am really exciting to be serving with him some more. 

Here are some pictures of Paul and Elder Haroldsen at the MTC back in October of last year.

This is a really cool branch, although it is really small, with a lot of people who are excited to help the missionary work. We had a program yesterday with a new investigator that lives on the edge of town, and we brought a couple from the branch, and they really helped contribute to the program. It was really great. We also went out to a falu on Friday to have dinner with another family from the branch. It was a classic Hungarian meal, with a light soup followed with some really yummy pörkölt. 

Image result for pörkölt
Random picture of pörkölt

An investigator here in Szolnok got baptized, too, this weekend! It was really exciting. The baptism was actually performed in a swimming pool in a hotel a several blocks away from the branch house!
We also had interviews in Budapest last week!!! It is always really fun to go up to Budapest. Also, President Szabadkai is really awesome, I really like him!
Szolnok is a really cool city. Apparently, there are quite a few wild hedgehogs around here, and lots of missionaries have seen them, especially in the evenings, so I hope that I run into one sometime!!! 

Image result for wild hungarian hedgehogs
Picture from Wikipedia

This city feels like it once was several falus that kind of came together over time. It's really interesting. We use the buses a lot here, they are the most timely buses that I've seen in Hungary so far!!! So that's good!...

I Hope you all have a great week!!!!
Sok szeretettel!
Bunker Elder

**I think he means he's staying in Szolnok.

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