Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hey all!!!!!

Here's an update on my everyday mission lifeeee:

So for several weeks we have been teaching two practice "investigators" twice a week for about two weeks: Eszter and Evilin. We have finally committed them both to baptism, though we have a consensus that they are going easy on us ;). We are also teaching a practice less active member named János.

On Tuesday, our district had our first practice with door approaches. We couldn't come into the classroom until we had three successful door approaches and were let in for a short lesson.

This morning Jeppsen Nővér and I tried out with a musical number (I was her accompanist) and we made it to the "yes list," which meant we will be able to perform as soon as she can fit us in. The song is a really cool arrangement of "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" that Sister Jeppsen found before her mission. The lady who tried us out was the MTC president's wife, and her musical knowledge and stuff blew us away. We're excited to perform it if they can fit us in, which we hope they do!

Bunker Elder

sziastok! do you like the christmas tree in the background???!!!!

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